AKG K 240 MKii Review

AKG K240 MKii Headphones

AKG K 240 MKii for Mixing and Studio Listening

The K240's legendary design has been around for almost 50 years. It's a semi-open that presents extremely detailed mid and high frequencies. They come with interchangeable ear pads, two cables (a 3 meter coiled cable and 5 meter straight cable) and an adapter that allows you to plug into either 1/8 (laptop) or 1/4 (home stereo). If you are looking for studio headphones with a nice, flat response to improve mixes and mastering projects - the AKG K240 MKii is an excellent choice.

The Sound

The K240 Mkii features a semi-open design that pronounces mid and high frequencies beautifully. These are designed for studio mixing and active listening. So they may sound a bit bright and flat because they don’t emphasize a certain frequency. 

With them, you'll hear sound accurately and without modifications. It's a wonderful experience for someone with a keen ear for audio projects.

Sound Isolation

By design, the K240 MKii is a semi-open headphones. This means that sound can get in and get out much easier than in a closed-back headphone. So if you are looking to use them on the go and in noisy spaces, they’re probably not the best fit. But these are the perfect headphones for mixing and dissecting an audio project. 


AKG K240 MKii Review

These headphones have soft leather cushions and a leather headband. They are also extremely light. It may feel a bit strange hearing how crisp the sound is when the headphones are so light. But this also allows for extended listening sessions without much discomfort.

The headphones have springs, so no adjustment or locking features are necessary. They fit comfortably by just placing them on the head. 


This is something important to note for people who aren’t familiar with open-back headphones. Many headphones on the market intentionally boost bass sounds to give a bigger, thumpier vibe. These do not. 

On first listen, you may feel the headphones don’t give the punch you expected to - and that’s okay! That is by design.These are for active listening, so the more natural bass tones clear the mix and allow you to hear all frequencies equally. I personally prefer this for audio projects, as I find heavy sub-bass headphones a bit grating. However, if you are a bass-head, you'll probably think these are a bit weak.


While this section is more about personal taste, I think the headphones look amazing for the record. That being said, these really aren’t headphones that you are going out and using in public spaces. So even if you don’t love the look - not many people will be seeing you while you use them!


The price fluctuates on Amazon, but rarely goes for over $100. Many comparable headphones are priced at $200-$300. For the price, the AKG K 240 MKii are also extremely durable if you take good care of them. I’ve had mine for over 5 years and they still work great to this day! 


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