Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

TechBottom's Review of Our Best Budget Gaming Headsets of 2020

Finding that perfect gaming headset isn't always easy, especially when trying to work within a budget. As e-sports and Twitch streaming has risen in popularity, the gaming headphone market has become saturated and the amount of gaming headsets hitting the shelves is at an all-time-high. With hundreds of choices constantly going in and out of stock, we decided to test out gaming headsets under $100 and review our favorites. To see all of the headsets we've tried out, visit our headphone review page.


TechBottom's Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 - RUNMUS K2RUNMUS Gaming Headset

The RUNMUS K2 also has great reviews on Amazon for the price point. While being extremely affordable, this also proved to provide everything we looked for in a gaming headset under $100. It's compatible with PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One (although a controller adapter is needed with an Xbox). The sound experience is solid, and the mic works great for the price. The one quality that did leave us wanting a bit more - durability. We found the K5-M to be built a bit more solidly. Not saying the RUNMUS is not built-well, because it is for the price. But we wouldn't trust it as much to handle the wear and tear as higher priced gaming headsets. The good news is, they seem to have excellent customer support on Amazon and offer a 12 month guarantee. So if you take care of your equipment, the RUNMUS K2 is a great choice for a budget gaming headset. It tops our list for good reason!

Price | 4.9
At $27 and up, you can’t beat this price. While it may not last you as long as a $300 gaming headset, it functions surprisingly well. Through our testing, we found that many headsets under the $30 mark simply do not meet the basic sound requirements to receive our stamp of approval. The RUNMUS K2 does.
Comfort | 4.0
The RUNMUS K2 sports breathable earpads and an ergonomic design felt unexpectedly smooth on our heads. We were able to play many hours without discomfort. The earpads did loosen a tad over time, but most headsets will break-in to an extent.
Headset Sound | 4.2
The RUNMUS K2 headset sound is great. It gives a solid punch with the low mids and bass frequencies, especially for the price. The high frequencies don’t shine through as much as premium gaming headsets, but it is a trade-off for the price. Despite this, the sound quality did not sound muddy or distorted, and it proved to be one of our favorites for a budget system.
Microphone Sound | 4.2
As we mentioned earlier, the microphone quality on gaming headsets tends to set apart the high-end sets from the budget-friendly sets. The RUNMUS K2 however, functions very well for the price. The retractable mic and manual controls work as designed, and our voices could be heard clear as day. Overall, no complaints from us on this end!
Build Quality | 3.3
The build quality on the RUNMUS is decent, not great, but not terrible. While it surpassed cheaper models in terms of durability, the plastic is a bit thinner – especially around the headband. As long as you take good care of your headset, it shouldn’t pose a problem. But if you are looking for a something that can handle a bit more wear and tear, we recommend looking elsewhere. On this budget gaming headset, it’s just a cost saving measure that we can live with.
Style | 4.0
The K2 does look a bit more futuristic than the other budget headsets. It has red LED lights around the ear cups that illuminate when plugged in. Overall nothing really noteworthy. But how many people really care about cool looking headsets anyway? Unless you are a professional with a public image to maintain, we prefer a headset with function rather than flash.

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ONIKUMA Stereo K5-MTechBottom's Best Budget Gaming Headset - ONIKUMA K5-M

Although the ONIKUMA K5-M has fantastic reviews on Amazon, we approached the K5-M with little expectations since its price tag varies around $30 and upwards. When working with a tight budget, we know that gaming headsets can be hit or miss. The incredibly affordable headset proved us all wrong and has since claimed a top spot on our list of favorite budget gaming headsets. It's versatile in its ability to work on all gaming systems including PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One Controller (although an adapter is needed for Xbox One). The 7.1 virtual surround sound feels surprisingly full for the price, and unlike other cheap gaming headsets, the noise cancelling microphone allows you to be heard loud and clear. The ear padding, top head cushion, and flexibility allow you to game for hours without discomfort. If you are looking for the best budget gaming headset, we cannot recommend the K5-M enough.

Price | 4.9
Let’s start with the obvious. Hovering around $30, the K5-M is one of the most affordable headsets on the market. Don’t let this wallet-friendly price fool you though, it’s a great headset. In the headphone market, $30 for this quality gets an A+ from us.
Comfort | 4.4
The K5-M sports ‘Memory Foam Ear Cushions’ which gives a nice, comfortable fit. We played for hours on end without noticing discomfort, and the foam is durable enough to last you for a while. It’s a flexible headset that fits well around different head shapes and sizes, and the top head bar includes cushion as well. Sure it doesn’t feel like your ears are wrapped in angel wings, but the comfort is certainly as good as advertised.
Headset Sound | 4.1
The K5-M’s headset sound quality is decent. Though it lacks some of the punch you can get from higher-end gaming headsets, it feels full. The surround works surprising well for the price, and the versatility across platforms is a plus as well. During our testing, we would have liked to see a bit more of the low-mids drive through and really complete the sound, but to most this trade-off will be worth the savings on the price tag.
Microphone Sound | 4.4
In our experiences, the microphone quality on gaming headsets tends to set apart the high-end sets from the budget-friendly sets. As we went through our reviews of gaming headsets under $100, we noticed many had static noise, were too quiet, or just sounded bad. When we tried out the Onikuma K5 microphone, we were surprised to find that its microphone works wonderful, and on par with the higher-end headsets. It has a retractable mic that adjusts smoothly. Our voices did not sound overly tinny or muddy, but instead sounded very warm and natural. We didn’t notice any snaps, crackles, or pops, and background noise was filtered out pretty well.
Build Quality | 4.0
Another frequent problem with budget gaming headsets in build quality and durability. The K5 is however is built with high quality plastic, strong cords, and solid joints. While certain headsets we tested were flimsy, weak, or non-adjustable, the K5 passed all tests these with flying colors.
Style | 3.6
Okay so it might not be the prettiest headset out there. In our opinion – who cares. If you are looking for the best budget gaming headset under $100, we recommend style isn’t your top priority. The LED lights do provide a nice touch to the bulky frame exterior. Hey, they could look worse.

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TechBottom's Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 - OMEN by HP Headset 800HP 1KF76AA#ABL OMEN by Wired Gaming Headset 80

If you can afford to spend a bit more for your budget gaming headset, we highly recommend OMEN by HP Headset 800. While the HP brand is not known for their gaming line, this headset is a fantastic choice for a gamer who likes a beefy, booming sound. The lightweight suspension headband and synthetic leather-wrapped ear cups are designed specifically for comfort, and the 7.1 virtual surround sound experience performs wonderfully. It's compatible on all gaming systems including PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One Controller (Xbox One adapter is included with the OMEN). One note - it doesn't hug your ears as much as other gaming headsets, which is not necessarily bad, just preference based. You still won't miss out hearing a single footstep, and it comes with an adapter so you can use it on any console. Sure it does look a bit dated and bulky, but if you can live with that, we found it to be a great choice for a gaming headset under $100.

Price | 4.6
At $55 and up, the OMEN is a great value compared to higher-end gaming headsets. If you want your games to have that, bassy, booming, intense sound but don’t want to break the bank – this is your choice. For a little more money, you get a great sound, a lightweight suspension headband, and synthetic leather-wrapped ear padding designed to block out background noise.
Comfort | 4.2
The ear cups are built solidly, and form over the shape of your ears quite nicely. One thing to note is while the headset felt great on our adult-sized heads, we have read reviews that it is not a great choice for children as the suspension headband feels loose on a smaller head. So if your child has a big head, the OMEN will do just fine. If not, you may want to go with a smaller option that will hug their ears a bit tighter.
Headset Sound | 4.5
While the K5-M lacked the punch that many gamers like, the OMEN sound system is fantastic for a budget headset. The bass and low mids made us feel completely immersed in the game’s audio. At the same time, the higher frequencies are not overwhelmed by the lows, but can be heard crystal clear. In addition to gaming, the sound of the OMEN headset is perfect for movies and Netflix-binging on your laptop.
Microphone | 4.5
The Omen’s microphone is retractable and seems to be built solidly. While speaking, our voices sounded loud, clear, and even a bit more bassy than we expected. Your friends (and enemies) definitely won’t have a hard time hearing you clearly. We didn’t notice static or background noise. The microphone works great all-around.
Build Quality | 4.3
The build quality on the OMEN is fantastic for a budget gaming headset. High quality plastics, cords, and leather round out the sturdy frame. The cushions are strong and shouldn’t wear down with time. All in all, a really well made product for the price.
Style | 3.8
Like we said earlier, it does look a bit dated and bulky. There are no LED lights or fancy displays. But the leather exterior adds a nice touch, and some gamers really like the look of the suspension headband – just preference based!

TechBottom's Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100 for PC - Corsair Void PRO RGBCORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

Unfortunately if you are looking for a quality wireless gaming headset under $100, your options are going to be a bit limited. With wireless headphones, we generally recommend going with sets that support an 'aptX' connection. This type of connection minimizes latency and audio syncing issues by significantly reducing the bit rate. This is all done without affecting audio quality, but this technology does demand a higher price tag. If you are looking for a quality wireless headset for a console, you probably won't be able to find one under $100 (at least we couldn't). However, if you need a wireless headset for your PC gaming needs, the Corsair Void PRO RGB passed our test. While it doesn't support aptX tech, it does utilize advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology and delivers a range up to 40 feet. We also suggest turning off the lights if you want to extend battery life. For PC gamers who want a wireless headset priced under $100 with solid functionality for gaming and chat, the Corsair VOID PRO delivers on all fronts.

Price | 4.3
Hovering around $80, the Corsair Void is about as affordable as you can get for a wireless gaming headset for PCs. You can certainly get the same quality for cheaper if you opt for a wired set, but the wireless functionality will up the price tag every time.
Comfort | 4.4
The earcups are pretty large and sat over our ears quite nicely. However they fit fantastic – at least over our heads. Not too tight, not too loose, you occasionally forget that you are wearing a headset. They do feel a bit heavier than other gaming sets we tested, but definitely not too the point where they gave discomfort after hours of gaming.
Headset Sound | 4.2
The surround sound quality on these is good, not great, but enough to get you by. The included software does allow you to adjust the EQ settings of your headset which is a very nice touch. We really liked the ‘Bass Boost’ setting, which brought out some more low mids and bass frequencies. Tweaking the audio really wasn’t necessary though, but we liked the fact that you can adjust EQ based on preference.
Microphone Sound | 4.2
The microphone on the Void PRO works well. The retractable mic raises up and down to your preference, but the actual mic doesn’t bend as much as others. There is a handy feature where the headset actually tells you when the microphone is on or off as you rotate it (in a very sultry voice we might add). We’ve read a few reviews noting microphone issues, but more seemed to stem from the wireless connection.
Build Quality | 3.9
The materials do feel well made, and the foam on the earcups is soft but sturdy. The wireless connection is solid for the price, but if you have more than one wall between the source and where you will be sitting, you may experience some spotting. We would have also liked to see the USB connector built a bit more solidly and with less plastic waste (it’s a bit bigger than it needs to be), but as long as you take proper care, it shouldn’t cause you many problems.
Style | 3.9
The Corsair Void PRO is an… interesting look. It’s takes on a very unique, futuristic design that some may love and some may hate. The RGB lights look great, but we preferred turning them off to extend battery life. Like many gaming headsets, it’s all about your preference!


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