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TechBottom's Best Wireless Video Doorbell Reviews

TechBottom's Review of Our Best Wireless Video Doorbells

As companies like Amazon and Google ramp up their investments in the smart home industry, we've decided it would be a good idea to review the best smart doorbells on the market today. With dozens of different smart doorbell devices to choose from, options can be a bit intimating - especially because the technology is so new and exciting. We found that the best performing smart doorbells tend to run at a bit higher price point, but at the end of the day you are paying for quality. And when it comes to home security, I think all of us can agree that it is better to be safe than sorry.

 Ring Wi-Fi Enabled VideoTechBottom's Best Wireless Video Doorbell - Ring Video Doorbell

The original Ring Video Doorbell is a wonderful device at an affordable price for any homeowner. We were initially worried that the product became popular due to a sleek design and beautiful satin finish, but we are happy to report that the video doorbell works very well. The Ring Doorbell notifies you via phone, mobile app, or PC when packages are delivered, when people approach the door, or when someone simply ring the doorbell. Overall, it is very convenient doorbell camera that provides an extra level of home security, detering crooks from stealing packages, and provides video evidence for the police if they do.

Before we get into everything we love about the Ring Video Doorbell - let's outline a few things you should be aware of before purchasing. Although the doorbell device allows you to customize the sensitivity of your motion sensors, a few reviewers have commented that the motion detection is still a bit too sensitive to their liking. While we didn't have any issues, a few said that it can pick up car's driving by on the road. We prefer this problem to a lack of sensitivity, but it might not be a good fit for those with front doors that are a short distance away from busy streets. It's camera records in 720p HD, so if you are looking to pay more for 1080p HD video, you can upgrade to their second edition.

Now to the things we love about the Ring Video Doorbell. Installation is made incredibly easy with their packaging. It comes with a little tool pouch containing the tools you need to set it up. Integration with Alexa also proved to be very simple. The design is sleek and looks great ascetically on your home. The device can be battery powered (and has a solid battery life) or hardwired. There is even a new feature called “Live View” that allows you to access your Ring Doorbell any time you wish. And the best part? It includes a Lifetime Theft Protection - so if your Doorbell gets stolen, Ring will replace it for free!


SDETER Video Doorbell 1080PTechBottom's Runner Up Wireless Video Doorbell - SDETER Video Doorbell

So the SDETER Wireless Video Doorbell doesn't have the same popularity as the Ring, but we really enjoyed this little device. The doorbell has a beautiful, dark color which many may prefer to the silver finishes. Like our other doorbells we reviewed, there is no need to hardwire - though there is the option if desired. It comes with two rechargeable batteries that can be charged with the USB cable provided. You can choose to save video with or without a micro sd card, and the cloud service is very convenient.

Some tradeoffs? We've read a few reviews saying that the battery life isn't quite what they hoped for in the SDETER, but luckily you can see battery life in the app. To change the batteries, just push the doorbell up from the bottom to separate the doorbell and the back cover. Then you are free to charge the battery or change it out. While install is a breeze, the directions can be a bit unclear at times. But overall, the package comes with everything you need to mount the doorbell.

The build quality on this doorbell is top notch, and it is one of the few at the price point that has a 1080p HD camera. Overall, we loved the SDETER. For those who are comfortable trying out something that doesn't have brand recognition - it's a great wireless video doorbell.

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YIROKA Doorbell CameraTechBottom's Runner Up Wireless Video Doorbell - YIROKA Doorbell Camera

One of the major benefits of the YIROKA Wireless Video Doorbell is works great without unnecessary app subscription fees. There is 16GB of memory built in the device which stores recordings for about a week. And you can access everything from the app. The camera is 720p HD, and the battery life can last for 5 - 6 months with normal use. Setup on the YIROKA was also incredibly easy, as they offer a sticky back adhesive or a two-screw option.

One of the downsides of the YIROKA is the motion detection is not quite as sensitive as the Ring. There is also a bit of a delay between the doorbell and the video recording, so we sometimes only caught the backside of visitors. It is also not able to connect to more than one device. So for a single apartment lifestyle, it works great! For a bustling family lifestyle, you may want to grab a video doorbell that allows for more enhancements.

Overall, the YIROKA is a pretty simple doorbell with a video camera, and the app works as expected. It is extremely affordable, easy to set up, and is perfectly suitable for single users.

EwiseeLive Wireless Door BellTechBottom's Best Budget Wireless Video Doorbell - EwiseeLive Doorbell Camera

If you are strictly buying on budget, the wireless video doorbell by EwiseeLive is the best we could find. Some things to note: Firstly, the doorbell only supports 2.4G WIFI, not 5G WIFI. This shouldn't be a problem for most users, but just make sure you have your 2.4G internet set up beforehand. Secondly, the doorbell does not come with batteries. You can still hardwire initially, but you'll need some 18650 batteries to go with it.

If you can live with those downsides, the EwiseeLive doorbell performs at a level close to matching the top brands. The camera is 720p HD and looks great, no monthly fee subscriptions (all micro SD storage), and there is even a tamper alert feature that sends a notification when someone is trying to remove your doorbell.

Overall, the EwiseeLive is a the best budget video doorbell that we tried under $50. If you are worried about the quality or shortcomings, we recommend buying from a retailer with great return policies like Amazon.


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