The New Purple Mattress Review

The New Purple Mattress Review

TechBottom's Review of the The New Purple Mattress

For those who aren't familiar, Purple has challenged the mattress industry to update their outdated sleep technology into today's standards. After developing dozens of 'macromolecular science' patents containing breakthrough mattress technology, they have released a line of signature mattresses to help people sleep and feel better all day long. The New Purple Mattress (or the Purple 2) adapts to the human body for completely personalized comfort. But how is this different than memory foam and other similar mattresses? They say the secret lies their 'Smart Comfort Grid', which is designed to flex under major pressure points while supporting your body. This review of "The All-New Purple Mattress" will cover the pros and cons of Purple's newest addition to their collection.

The New Purple Mattress, So Is It Any Good?

Like many others I'm sure, I have been seeing more and more ads for these Purple mattresses. But to my surprise, the New Purple Mattress is actually extremely comfortable.  While the other models they have are way too soft for my liking, the New Purple gives wonderful support despite my shifting positions. However, the bed is far from stiff - it's not memory foam, so it doesn't feel like your fighting to find the right spot. The grid technology allows every spot to be the right spot. It's a bit confusing to explain, but it feels great! Another thing to note is the temperature. I don't know the technology behind it, but the mattress seems to stay cooler even during hot summer nights. I don't know if this was my mind playing tricks on me, or maybe my old mattress was just a heat-absorbing hunk of junk. But either way, something I definitely noticed.

Does It Take Getting Used To?

Anytime you change out your mattress, you'll probably have a few nights in a transition phase. But honestly, even though the mattress feels much different than others, I was able to sleep fantastic on the first night. I personally did not have any soreness, but I have read that some people do during this change (although it quickly goes away). You may hear some people talk about Purple Mattresses as being "fancy but fake" - in my experience that is just not true. I found the product to be made very well. Now I don't know if everyone would like the feeling, because it is very different than other mattresses. But I could not be more pleased.

If you are worried about being in the group that can't get by the confusing comfort the New Purple Mattress provides, go try them out at a store or purchase from a retailer with a great return policy like Amazon.


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